EXTENDS any stereo audio devices. Specifically designed for GoldWing Audio applications, it works with any PC sound card, speaker, headset, portable CD players, and microphone with a 3 conductor (2 black ring) 3.5mm connector. Both molded ends are shielded to protect against radio frequency and electromagnetic interference. This cable has a PVC jacket, molded ends, and inner hood soldered 360 degrees.

GoldWing Audio Cord 6 Inches

  • Specifications:
    • Connector: 1 3.5mm (1/8") Male, 1 3.5mm (1/8") Female 
    • Outer Diameter of Cable: 3.00mm 
    • 3 Conductor, 28AWG CCS 
    • Nickel Plated Connectors 
    • Insulation Type: PVC 1.00mm 
    • Outer Diameter of Molded Connector: 10.3mm 
    • Temperate Min/Max Rating: -10 to 65 degrees C (14 F to 149 F)